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strategic cybersecurity services

Strategic Services

These consulting services provide a framework for architecting, constructing, and maintaining a secure business with policy and performance alignment.

strategic cybersecurity

Adaptive Solutions

These managed services enable our clients to share or transfer key functions and roles within their security operations into the qualified hands of our experienced security experts.

Resilient Support

These professional services provide a secure model and method for the maintenance, migration, relocation, and disposition of physical and data assets.

Why Cybriant?


Certified Experts

Cybriant’s team of certified experts are worldwide leaders in the industry

24/7 Protection

Cybriant offers a wide variety of managed security services around the clock and around the world.


100% Responsive

The Cybriant team is readily available to answer all your questions, anytime.


Easy to Customize

Cybriant offers flexible solutions adapted to the clients needs, resources, and budget.


Our Partners

Cybriant partners with leading innovators of information security technologies.


Client Satisfaction

With the highest customer services ratings in the industry, Cybriant offers guaranteed satisfaction.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybriant specializes in cybersecurity and assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining operational effectiveness in the design, implementation, and management of their cybersecurity programs.  Above all, we deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and adaptive cybersecurity services. These services address the entire security landscape.

These services include assessment and planning, testing and hunting, SIEM management and security monitoring, perimeter and endpoint protection, and secure cloud networking.  Cybriant also delivers support services for the secure maintenance, relocation, and disposition of physical and data assets.  We make enterprise grade cybersecurity services accessible to the Mid-Market and beyond.

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Latest News

cybersecurity monitoring

How to Avoid Cybersecurity Scams in the Real Estate Industry

Cybercriminals are targeting and attacking real estate professionals because of the amount of personal and confidential information that is stored and exchanged on their personal devices.

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managed cybersecurity awareness

Cybriant Launches Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training Service; focuses on Real Estate Industry

Cybriant announced today that it has launched a new service that offers Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Cybriant plans on initially focusing on the real estate industry for this managed service.

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cybriant security roadshow

Event Series: Security Roadshow

Don’t miss out on your ticket to a night out at the ballgame while meeting the industry’s top security vendors.

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network visibility

Improve Threat Detection with Network Visibility

How can you deliver network visibility and actionable security intelligence that will identify anomalies and defend against advanced targeted threats?

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top clicked phishing email

Top 10 Clicked Phishing Emails

Our security awareness training partner, KnowBe4, recently released the Top 10 Global Phishing Email Subject Lines for Q2 2017 report. The list below shows the subject lines of the phishing emails that are top clicked of all global phishing emails:

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cybriant cybersecurity services

In The News: Cybriant – Cybersecurity Solutions Designed Specifically For Mid-Market Companies

Cybriant CEO Jeff Uhlich was recently interviewed by Superb Crew about cybersecurity in the mid-market and how Cybriant answers those needs.

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Disaster Recovery Strategy in 5 Steps

Disaster Recovery is important, especially to SMBs. The big guys can take an occasional hit—but smaller guys can’t afford the loss. The tangible costs of a downtime-inducing disaster are real, and for some, they’re devastating. A recent survey of IT professionals produced some sobering expectations…

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Watch Your Back: Why You Must Have A SIEM

Technology creates a lot of information, and it typically leaves a record of what it has performed in log files. Whether it’s your router, switch, server, virtualization platform, cloud provider, smart phone, or printer a trail of events and information is created like a receipt you would get from grocery shopping. Unfortunately, the logs are often forgotten, or commonly never analyzed unless there is a major problem. E

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This Week’s Top Cybersecurity Headlines

Here’s a quick review of the top security headlines from this week, July 10 – July 14, 2017.

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It’s War!

How are you defending your enterprise? Cybriant can help prepare you for the front lines of battle. We strongly suggest these three defenses:

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