Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Take a few minutes and watch this video with George Crump, Lead Analyst from Storage Switzerland, and Lilac Schoenbeck, Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing from Carbonite. They discuss the differences between data backup and high availability and how they can work together to form a complete data protection strategy.

The protection you use for critical data won’t be the same as what you use for archival or semi-active data. Most data centers have some sort of backup strategy where it copies data on a periodic basis, typically once per night, to a secondary storage device and then either replicated or transported to a disaster recovery site. They count on this process to help recover from a disaster. If the disaster is local the organization may be without a particular application for a few hours. A disaster that strikes the entire data center may cause an outage lasting a number of days. For these situations, organizations should look at high availability software instead of backup.

In this ChalkTalk Video, Storage Switzerland and Carbonite discuss backup and high availability to help you understand the differences and assist determining which solution is best for you.