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Managed Next-Generation Firewall

Defend your Perimeter from Cyberattacks

Managed Next-Generation Firewall

The growth of enterprise collaboration, the use of personal devices and the mobile workforce has resulted in the collapse of the traditional perimeter. Today, business users require access to applications, data and services both on premise and in the cloud both on the road and at work. These users could be partners, employees or customers whose broad privileges represent a serious security risk.

For the past two decades, perimeter security has been accomplished by making use of firewalls. Over time systems have become more intelligent and have been rebranded as Next Generation Firewalls. These Next Gen Firewalls simply combine a group of services such as antivirus, anti-malware, IDS/IPS, and stateful firewall services.  Next Gen Firewalls typically inspect, evaluate and react on a packet by packet level, but often an attack will focus on many different aspects of a web application that have nothing to do with abnormal packet behavior.

Instead, systems need to be able to understand the context of the application and how attacks may take place.  In the new world of omnipresent threats, decentralized organizations and global ecosystems the perimeter is more permeable.






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