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Healthcare IT Security

healthcareHealthcare IT Security. Adapting to change in the industry.   Free security analysis from Cybriant

Many healthcare providers are still resistant to technology.  The security landscape is changing.  Risk and cyber attacks are happening daily.  Analysts are calling it the “platform revolution”. Healthcare tracks in real-time a patient’s health. They capture data from mobile phones, hand held devices, instruments and more, then pulls it all together to give a patient and caregiver a holistic and real-time view of the patient’s health. Patients can see results and their full medical profile via patient portals.

New technology brings new intelligence. New intelligence also brings an increased volume of data and leaves the door open for cyber threats and attacks. In fact, big data has gotten so big that some 41 percent of healthcare executives say the data volume their organization manages has increased by a whopping 50 percent just from a year ago. In 2020, 66% of health systems will have self-scheduling for their patients.

No matter your specialty or the size of your practice or facility, there are healthcare compliance concerns that all medical organizations face. Are your computer systems up-to-date or are you in need of hardware and software upgrades? Could you pass a HIPAA or HITECH audit?

Cybriant can help secure your environment and reduce your risk. We offer:

  • Healthcare IT Consulting
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Managed Support Services including Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security Protection
  • IT Training

We will evaluate all relevant features of your environment, identify and weight gaps in your security posture, and collaboratively provide a strategy to achieve an outcome appropriate for your business. And if desired, we can aide in the achievement of your security and business objectives by assisting you in the implementation or management of your plan.

Contact Cybriant today to learn more.

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