Competitive Overview: SIEM vs. Managed SIEM

Are you in the market for a SIEM or Managed SIEM solution?

As a Reseller and Certified Implementation Partner, Cybriant has helped hundreds of clients purchase and implement SIEM solutions. Find out more. 

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Cybriant actively monitor thousands of devices for customers who have contracted us to manage their SIEM.

Many clients follow the path of attempting to implement and operate a SIEM on their own only to learn later that their resources do not have the proper experience, or the bandwidth to acquire it, in order to effectively use the tool. Additionally, for most small to mid-sized organizations, when you do the math, it rarely pencils out to be more cost effective to deploy and manage a SIEM with in-house resources.

At Cybriant, we specialize in delivering enterprise grade cybersecurity services affordable to mid-size and small businesses. Our Managed SIEM service provides round the clock expertise priced in a simple predictable model which is easy to budget. Cybersecurity is our only business so we maintain fresh insight on evolving tactics and threats on a daily basis.

If you’re in the market for a SIEM or Managed SIEM solution we would welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and help inform your decision making process.

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