Making Companies Cyber Resilient Through Strategy, Tactics, and Action

Cybriant \sī-brint\: The state of being cyber resilient


About Us

Cybriant is a holistic cybersecurity service provider which enables small and mid-size companies to deploy and afford the same cyber defense strategies and tactics as the Fortune 500. We design, build, manage, and monitor cybersecurity programs.

How We Got Started

Our executive team of technology and security service experts recognized a growing need for mid-market and small businesses to more formally protect themselves from cyber criminals. The digitization of life means we are all connected, as a consequence all businesses are targets for bad actors who seek any keyhole to exploit in this interconnected fabric. No business is too small. After all, the infamous Target breach occurred through a compromised air conditioning vendor. We make enterprise-grade cybersecurity effective and attainable for small and mid-size businesses

Our Ideal Client

Any business that must meet compliance regulations for information security. Any business that has access to private personal information of their clients.  Any business that creates or possesses proprietary information or intellectual property.  Any business whose customers are publicly traded companies. Any business that could fail if its reputation were compromised or if it suffered an unexpected financial loss.


Holistic Security

Create a strong foundation by implementing a strong security framework

Managed Security

Protect your enterprise from cyber threats with our vigilant oversight


Protect your perimeter, firewall, endpoints, DNS, and even cloud with our Adaptive services


Maintain, migrate, relocate, and recover with our resilient support services

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