Risk Assessment

Where are your security gaps?

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment Services provide the foundation for your strategic security decision making. Whether initiated to evaluate the current security posture of your enterprise, determine your compliance status with regulatory requirements, or to identify gaps in policy versus practice.

A complete security strategy is a composite of people, processes, and technology orchestrated to protect your business and in many cases meet government dictated policy standards.  Our comprehensive assessment services will analyze all three critical areas and evaluate your company’s performance relative to intended company objectives and security best practices.   With the information developed from the assessment you will be able to design strategies to strengthen, reinforce, or modify your security posture in order to anticipate evolving threats and satisfy the present needs of your business.

With our expertise and experience, we make the delivery of these services meaningful and cost effective.  For a more detailed outline of the scope of Cybriant’s Risk Assessment Services please contact us for a complimentary consultation.



Our cybersecurity specialists will analyze information-related vulnerabilities effectively



Our cybersecurity specialists will help you determine methods to resolve your data security risks



Our cybersecurity specialists will spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues



Our cybersecurity specialists will provide a thorough report with steps to help you defend your organization.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

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“Cybriant’s security risk assessment delivered the value I hoped to receive, a complete and concise document detailing what we needed to address and what our security priorities should be.

The assessment also provided an outside objective validation of our security needs which has aided our business leadership in making appropriate investments in our security program.”

Ben Krichko
VP of Information Technology
Sotheby’s – Atlanta Fine Homes