According to Ron Gula, Co-founder, CEO and CTO of Tenable Network Security – the single best analogy for continuous network monitoring: Fitbit.

Many of us have learned through Fitbit that we’re not sleeping enough, exercising enough, or eating correctly. It’s the same scenario with continuous network monitoring, although instead of tracking your personal health, it monitors your organization’s security posture.

IT teams deploying continuous network monitoring for the first time often find they are not remediating their vulnerabilities as fast as they thought, are not monitoring their users as thoroughly as they believed, and are spending precious resources working on the wrong risk reduction programs. Regardless of industry sector, every executive needs some form of assurance that the organization’s cyber assets are protected.

Every company that leverages networks, mobility, cloud, and virtualization is subject to the threat of network attacks and the demands of regulatory compliance. Many of Cybriant’s customers deploy our continuous network monitoring solutions as a peer to their business systems. Our solutions help provide assurance that the IT organization is not adding new types of cyber risks, so executives can be confident the business is operating safely over the Internet.

Introduction for Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring

Today’s enterprise networks are in a perpetual state of flux. The use of mobile devices to access corporate data is skyrocketing. More IT services are being delivered via the cloud than ever before. And users are constantly subscribing to SaaS-based applications, including file sharing applications like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, without IT’s consent. Meanwhile, hardly a day goes by without reports of a major data breach appearing in the trade rags or some high-profile cyberattack being featured on the evening news.

But why? Are the bad guys really getting smarter? Or are our existing defenses becoming outdated? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Innovations in continuous network monitoring are giving savvy IT security teams a leg up in mitigating risks associated with advanced threats. Unlike legacy vulnerability management systems that rely on active scanning, continuous network monitoring provides real-time visibility into mobile devices, virtual platforms, cloud applications, and network infrastructure — including their inherent security risks. If you and your colleagues are tasked with reducing network security risks while maintaining compliance with industry or government regulations, then this book is for you.

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