Cyber threats are becoming ever more sophisticated and prevalent. Traditional network security approaches are not equipped to mitigate and manage modern security threats and risks on their own.

According to ISACA, as systems have become more complex, integrated and connected to third parties, the security and control budgets quickly reaches its limitations. Therefore, to ensure the best use of the available resources, IT should understand the relative significance of different sets of systems, applications, data, storage and communication mechanisms. To meet such requirements, organizations should perform security risk assessments that employ the enterprise risk assessment approach and include all stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of the IT organization are addressed, including hardware and software, employee awareness training, and business processes.

The struggle information security officers may not consider: Are You Effectively Calculating Your Network Security Risk?

Visibility is the key to network security confidence. Cybriant and Gigamon can help you see what matters in terms of risks to your network – for FREE – in only minutes!

The AssessMy IT Security Visibility Tool from Gigamon allows network security professionals to gain visibility through a heat-mapped dashboard and customized report. The tool covers:

  • Application Security Controls
  • Virtual Network Visibility
  • Physical Network Visibility
  • Encrypted Traffic Visibility
  • Compliance

Free Security Analysis

Gigamon Visibility Platform

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